The Right to Bear Arms Protects Us

So another terrorist attack this time in Paris. Over a hundred citizens dead. Half a dozen dead terrorists looking for nonexistent virgins. Guess what? This all happens in a country with very strong gun control.

These guys had to smuggle AK-47s and bomb materials into one of the biggest cities in Europe. And they did it with little or no online chatter found by the government authorities. Why was there no warning?

Now I’m not saying that if the Parisian public had been carrying guns they could have stopped this horrible event. Sounds like all the bad guys were strapped up with bombs. If some cowboy would have shot them, the explosives could have gone off in an even worse place and more people would have gotten killed anyway. What I’m saying is that national gun control did not stop this. Gun control is not an answer for anything.

Yes, we’ve had some terror incidents. The Fort Hood thing, the Boston bombers. So far U.S. soil has been really lucky that we haven’t had any coordinated, multi-pronged attacks, similar to this week’s Paris attack, since 9/11. So what’s making the difference here in the U.S.? I think it might have something to do with the heightened weapon awareness we have because we have the right to bear arms. We, as a nation, know where guns belong and where they don’t.

Homeland security is doing a great job – as far as we know. But the common sense approach of “See something, say something” works better when you have a populace that knows what they are looking at. Our right to bear arms history has taught us how to watch out and protect ourselves.