King Arthur’s Question

backlit clouds dawn desert

Once upon a time, Merlin was called to the great hall. The candles were glowing bright and all of the knights were gathered around The Table.

Walking up to Arthur he said, “You called for me, my king?

“Yes,” said the great ruler, “My knights and I have been debating a question all morning. I’m sure you, with your infinite knowledge of nature, will have the ultimate answer.”

“I will try, my lord.” Merlin spoke cautiously.


A Star Trek Conspiracy

Some of us see conspiracies everywhere. You guessed it, I’m one of those who spent several hours one afternoon canvassing the grassy knoll inch by inch. I found nothing of interest but I still keep an open mind. This time though I think I found something that we have been lied to about for fifty years – the true origin of the Vulcan Salute.