Artistic Technology

Some time ago I told you about a method of cutting the cord of cable TV by building a home made television antenna. This first version used cardboard, duct tape and tin foil and worked really well. As you could see from the pictures back then it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Well, this has changed since my wife got involved with her newest endeavor.

My wife and her son started creating with fused glass for something new to try during the Covid reclusive times. In very simple terms the process is using pieces of glass of various shapes, colors and chemical properties, arranging them in a kiln using shaped molds and heating them to a temperature anywhere from twelve to fifteen hundred degrees. The results are a beautiful assortment of dishes, earrings and ornaments with which they have filled their Etsy store.

In addition to glass they can use other materials to embed in the glass. So we wondered if instead of tin foil on cardboard we could sandwich metal inside the glass. And IT WORKED! My wife’s first try picked up 22 stations, some as far as 20 miles away. And its a real beautiful art piece when the sun shines through it. It sort of looks like butterfly wings don’t you think?

We haven’t made any for the store yet. I’m thinking we need to make some refinements in the weight department. But could easily be another product in the store soon.