King Arthur’s Question

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Once upon a time, Merlin was called to the great hall. The candles were glowing bright and all of the knights were gathered around The Table.

Walking up to Arthur he said, “You called for me, my king?

“Yes,” said the great ruler, “My knights and I have been debating a question all morning. I’m sure you, with your infinite knowledge of nature, will have the ultimate answer.”

“I will try, my lord.” Merlin spoke cautiously.

Arthur came to his feet, his broad shoulders making an imposing sight. “Merlin, which is more important, the Sun or the Moon?”

Merlin was stunned. Even he had never thought to pose that question. “Please give me a moment to ponder this, my king.” he said.

And so Merlin stood there – pondering – as the great king and his mighty knights watched without saying a word.

And Merlin continued to ponder. The candles around The Table were growing noticeably shorter and still no one spoke a word.

Finally Merlin smiled wryly. “My king, I have the answer. The Moon is more important.”

Arthur looked puzzled, “Pray magician, tell us why.”

“The answer is simple my king. The Moon lights our way in the dark. The Sun is only there when it is already light outside.”

The king and his great knights smiled and nodded agreement as another round of ale was served. 

The moral to the story, if there is one, is that you should never believe what someone tells you is true until you know all of the facts no matter how magical their reputation seems to be.

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