Snowy Weekend Activity

The first major accumulating snow of the season is coming to the midwest this weekend. My favorite indoor activity on a cold weekend is… ok, maybe second favorite… well, for sure at least third, is online shopping. Why else would I always ask for Amazon and iTunes gift cards for xmas? If shopping is one of your favorite activities and you need to get holiday shopping started, I have several perfect solutions for you.

To get started just go to and search for idlethoughts. There are lots of other really cool designs there too but I only get commission on mine. Hey, do what you feel is best.

Some Other Stores

I’m not the only talented one around here. Whether you know her by Snowball, JR, or she who teaches How To Make Almost Anything, you can find her work out there too.

If you are looking for some stocking stuffer gifts, JR has t-shirts, mugs and home accessories with her photographic designs on them. Literally hundreds of examples of her work are for sale at

For a meaningful gift of high quality wall hangings, some of JR’s latest work can be found at her photography store by going to Look around where you’re sitting. Don’t you see a wall crying out to be filled with one of her unique animal or landscape pictures?

Yes, your right. This whole article was nothing but shameless self-promotion. But hey, maybe you might find something you like in one of our stores. Then you’ll say to yourself “Boy I’m sure glad the curmudgeon reminded me about his shops.”