The Politicians Get It Wrong Again

Well, another month, another mass shooting. And the politicians once again fall all over themselves telling the American sheeple that its all the fault of poor gun control. As if there’s a bunch of feral semi-automatics that have slipped their leash and are walking around by themselves needing to be rounded up by the humane society to be put to sleep. While the back pocket of the crazy person that the gun is hanging out of has nothing to do with it.

This may be an old saying but I’m going to keep saying this until someone hears it. Guns don’t kill people! Crazy people kill people!

The president managed to politicize Thursday’s shooting into another opportunity to once again talk about gun control. He compared us to the countries of Great Britain and Australia whose histories are very different from here. He barely mentioned anything about getting help for people who should not be near guns much less doing something to control Them in the first place. And I’m talking about more than just restraining orders.

And again the shooter in this case was crying out in chat rooms and social media telling people that he was going to do this and to not go to the school Thursday. As far as I’ve heard so far not one person reported to law enforcement anything that this crazy said. As a matter of fact they were egging him on. Its as if the online sheeple are asking for a bloody show to entertain them in their little lives.

YO! Facebook Folks! If you see something, say something. Don’t think, “Oh he’s just blowing off steam. He such a quiet kid I can’t imagine he would really do something like that.” Imagine It! Tell someone. Save lives and get these crazies some help. Law enforcement needs to know.