King Arthur’s Question

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Once upon a time, Merlin was called to the great hall. The candles were glowing bright and all of the knights were gathered around The Table.

Walking up to Arthur he said, “You called for me, my king?

“Yes,” said the great ruler, “My knights and I have been debating a question all morning. I’m sure you, with your infinite knowledge of nature, will have the ultimate answer.”

“I will try, my lord.” Merlin spoke cautiously.


Artistic Technology

Some time ago I told you about a method of cutting the cord of cable TV by building a home made television antenna. This first version used cardboard, duct tape and tin foil and worked really well. As you could see from the pictures back then it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Well, this has changed since my wife got involved with her newest endeavor.


Building a Boat in the Garage

A person should never stop learning new skills and boat building is a skill from ancient history. However my bad experiences with power tools has kept me well away from any kind of carpentry. But there are many kinds of boats and many kinds of construction methods. Still the process has not been without its trials and tribulations.