King Arthur’s Question

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Once upon a time, Merlin was called to the great hall. The candles were glowing bright and all of the knights were gathered around The Table.

Walking up to Arthur he said, “You called for me, my king?

“Yes,” said the great ruler, “My knights and I have been debating a question all morning. I’m sure you, with your infinite knowledge of nature, will have the ultimate answer.”

“I will try, my lord.” Merlin spoke cautiously.


Five Places Not to Get Stranded

A couple of days ago I was using the garden tractor to mow the west forty. That’s my nickname for the orchard area. Its not really 40 acres – the whole property is just under half an acre – but “mowing the west forty” sounds more impressive than “mowing the orchard” which only has three trees so far. […]

Downstairs Neighbors

Last night, Snowball and her mom and I were having a nice, quiet Friday evening pizza dinner at the Homestead. We were enjoying our customary routine of guessing the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune and looking forward to watching baseball, Royals or Cubs, afterwards. Suddenly there was a knock that sounded just like someone at the front door except it was coming from the floor! […]