Cleaning Up The Clutter

It has probably been a long time since you’ve visited the Idle Thoughts website so you might notice some changes. A whole new clean, less cluttered look. However, the content hasn’t changed and reason-for-being is the same.

I use an online software called WordPress to make this site. You might be surprised how many sites you see on the internet have the same system. WP is threatening to make some major changes in the near future so I thought this would be a good time to adopt the K.I.S.S. principle here just to make sure everything keeps working.

Also the design I was using for the site was no longer supported by its designers so I was having some security concerns. The current design is one that WordPress themselves distribute so I am pretty sure it will continue to work no matter what crazy changes they make to the rest of their system.

The only comments I got about the Steampunk Brain® logo were negative so I will be removing that from use for now. It may crop up from time to time simply because of its ubiquitous tendencies and it will still be found in some of the T-Shirt Shop locations. To replace the brain on this site you’ll be seeing the Praying Mantis. Stay tuned for your chance to win Idle Thoughts or Wizard’s Touch merchandise in the Praying Mantis Naming Contest. An announcement will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

You probably can’t tell from the customer point of view but the T-Shirt Shop has been totally rebuilt on the back end. This will enable me to offer a greater assortment of products, easier ways to search the store and give you more money savings coupon opportunities. Fulfillment for the store is still handled by Spreadshirt so when you purchase from the Idle Thoughts T-Shirt Shop your transaction takes place on the Spreadshirt secure system. Idle Thoughts does not collect customer information.

Also the flavor of my rants on this site is going to change a little. I’ve always been holding back so people didn’t think I was totally nuts but if you check out some of the t-shirts in the shop you kinda get a hint that some of my ideas are not exactly mainstream. So you may see more weird shit about ancient aliens and xenobiology on this site. Much of the fodder for this can be found in the footer of this site.

If you want to find out more about Snowball and other happenings on the Homestead that will be covered on the Wizard’s Touch Site. Her projects and presentations will be highlighted there in addition to the pieces she has for sale online. Of course our guest writer Griffin will now be doing stories on both sites and some cross-posting will be inevitable.

That’s all for now. I hope to be doing much more writing now that summer is wrapping up to an end.