Will You Be Assimilated?

For years I’ve been warning you about the dangers and futility of social media. I have t-shirts in my shop, some of them the very first designs, that talk about what is really the product in the Facebook world. Finally the truth has come out – read about it in mainstream media – and for some reason you are all surprised that you and all the personal information that you posted have been used as the product.

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How did I know about this already for so many year? I’ve worked in the mainstream media, I’ve been in marketing, hell, I sold attorney services. If you can market that you can sell anything.

Yes, you might notice I’m just as hypocritical as the rest. Notice the social media buttons at the bottom of this blog post. You are probably reading this because you found out about it on Facebook. If you want to perform the ultimate irony, click the ‘Like’ button. That or leaving a comment are really the only ways I know I’m not sitting here typing to myself.

If you are one of the millions who have had your data mined, and you probably are, you might also want to show your support by clicking on one of the products shown here and buying a t-shirt. If enough of you do I might just make one that says “I Told You So!”