The Late Summer Blues

Yeah, I’ve sorta taken a break from writing. The fact is that there hasn’t been much to tell and I was in and out of such a dark mood I was afraid that if I did write something, just for the sake of writing, I’d hear the voice of Edgar Allen Poe screeching, “Hey dude, Lighten up!” Maybe the appointment I have to get my teeth cleaned on Thursday will brighten my mood.

Here we are more than two-thirds of the way through summer. The days are so hot the cats are coming in the house panting as they walk straight to the air conditioning vent and stick their face in. The first thing I do every morning is walk around the deck swinging a towel in the air. It looks like I’m waving a flag of surrender but its the only way to get rid of the spider webs that have been built overnight. Otherwise I’m afraid I’m gonna trip over a bunch of hobbits, wrapped in cocoons, waiting for Shelob.

Snowball has spent the last couple of weeks updating class curriculum for the fall term. She surrounds herself with laptops, puts her head down and doesn’t come up for air for hours. I just assume there’s a virtual sock on the door knob till dinner time when I make her take a break to eat and talk with us mere mortals. That’s ok, it’s too hot outside for her to work in the backyard foundry anyway.

The annual garden transformation into the Land of the Lost is almost complete. Daughter-of-Snowball wanted to try her hand at gardening so she planted a half a dozen tomato plants which are all coming ripe all at once. Now she’s gonna have to learn how to can in a hurry. It should be fun to watch and I never complain with my mouth full.

My time has been consumed with developing a new, more economical solution for selling Snowball’s photography. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we’ll have some news about a new online store. It will feature more flexibility and less cost to our customers.

The weather guessers are saying it’s supposed to be cooler this week. I hope they’re right. It will be nice to have some comfortable outside time again. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A Quick Note

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