Pulling Back The Curtain

“Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!” Those were the words shouted by the wizard when Toto pulled back the curtain near the end of The Wizard of Oz. The wizard did not want anyone to know that all the smoke and noise was only a trick. Now I’m gonna pull back the curtain and show you a few tricks that if you’d been paying attention you would have noticed anyway.

First of all, the purpose of this blog exercise is to bring attention to products in my online store. If any of us become entertained in the mean time well, that’s just a happy, serendipitous side effect. If you like what you read on this site then put your email address in the form on the right and subscribe. But if you think about it the whole purpose of just about anything in life is to sell something – or get laid – but in this case I’m just trying to sell stuff. So now you know why I link to the products.

You may notice that the web address shown in the ads to my store is shop.indelthoughtsonline.com. But if you ever click on the ads and take the time to look at the address line in your browser you will see cafepress.com/idlethoughts. That’s because the first one points to the other. The “shop” address is just easier to remember and matches this blog.

CafePress is the company that hosts the store and handles the product fulfillment, and believe me they get a good cut off the top of the product price to do it. If you go to cafepress.com you find they host lots of stores. If you go to any of the shops but Idle Thoughts, it does me no good. What would do me good is if you go to CafePress and search for idlethoughts. That won’t go the shop but will show a mashed-up assortment of designs and products of my stuff, T-shirts, magnets, mugs  and more with the half a hundred or so designs that I’ve created to put on them.

So let’s review. To buy my curmudgeonly stuff you can either go to the shop (preferred) or you can go to the shop’s host and search for idlethoughts. Hey give it a shot. You might find something worth a buck or two and help me pay for my Starbuck’s addiction.