Blizzard Watching From a Distance

The most watched channel in our house at least while I’m home is the Weather Channel. I’m probably the only person in the country that is disappointed when it’s sunny and calm from California to Atlanta. But the last couple of days the coverage of this storm lining up and hitting the northeast has been nothing but a marvelous popcorn-and-pop distraction that I’m happily watching from the fifty degree and sunny midwest. But don’t fret, I have a bad feeling our turn is coming. And if you’ve been paying attention you already know how I feel about snow. […]

My Latest Role Model

Don’t be scared. I’m not changing this to a review site. But my newest favorite show (at least until they screw up next episode) is Backstrom which premiered last night on Fox. He’s a Portland detective that just gets the job done.  It’s much like the old series House without the medical techno-babble, angst, and one-ups-manship. Caution: you may have to think. The main character the true role model I try to be: Take me as I am or get out of my way. Occasionally changing the ‘or’ to ‘and’.  And I’m in lust with the French girl character.

Now excuse me while I pack so I can go find out why all my favorite shows lately are set in Portland.

Caffeine in the Morning

You know how you always remember where you were when a life-changing event happens? I vividly remember the circumstances of my first taste of coffee. It was awful. I was about ten. It was a cold Saturday morning in March and my parents and I were waiting in line outside the junior high to sign me up for swimming lessons the next summer. They must have been less worried about stunting my growth than my freezing to death when they handed me a steaming cup freshly poured out of the Thermos. The bitter taste on my blistered tongue made me wonder if “a mother’s love” was an oxymoron.