Careful What You Wish For

After all his whining and kvetching about the cold winter and making such a big deal about spring and baseball finally being here, now my ape-who-brings-food is too busy working in the yard to write an article. So he asked me to put down a few words. I hope my ape likes the nice selfie I used for the featured image. I took it while I was sunning myself on his neighbor’s bench.

Rozzy and me hanging out on the front porch. That's not snow its cherry blossoms.
Rozzy and me hanging out on the front porch. That’s not snow its cherry blossoms.

One of the things the apes have been busy with is putting out the patio furniture for my roommate Rozzy and me. We appreciate it but we’d just a well sit under the chairs and plants they put out there as on them. You can see Rozzy in the picture hiding behind a plant thinking we can’t see him, like Tim Allen’s creepy neighbor on Tool Time. And that’s me on the right looking at Rozzy. No, I am not a silhouette, that’s just what I look like.

I love it when the grass gets long and there are lots of bugs and snakes to chase. But the damn apes waste even more of their time running that loud thing that cuts the grass they call a mower. It scares the birds away for a little while but once the grass is shorter it fools the birds into looking for worms and stuff. Then I can chase them too. Of course when they dive bomb me and I have to hide under a bush it just makes the game more fun.

With all the their complaining about winter, now that summer is here why can’t the apes just relax and enjoy the yard like us cats? We have a huge backyard with a nicely disorganized, and already starting to get overgrown, garden; perfect for finding mice, rabbits and birds. There is plenty of prey to go around. Don’t the apes realize when we leave a baby bunny in the middle of the kitchen floor we’re just inviting them to join the hunt for the next one?

Oh wait! There’s a squirrel. I gotta go.