Once They Were Role Models

No one should be surprised that NFL football players have deflated balls. (Sorry, you know I had to go there.) But that is only where it starts. Alleged spouse abuse, alleged murder, deflated ball controversy-it all adds up to a culture of violence and win-at-all-cost.

But this report from ABC News just put me over the edge. An ex-NFL player, Brad Culpepper, who actually got $175,000 in workman’s comp for injuries sustained while playing football got caught on Survivor doing things most longshoremen would have a hard time with.

World News Videos | ABC World News

Yes, you heard that right. Thousands of NFL players are seeking workman’s comp settlements for getting hurt playing football. ARE YOU F-CKING KIDDING ME??   I know jocks have (in most cases undeserved) the reputation for not being the brightest folks, but did they not ever watch a game before signing up to play? Didn’t they know that when they are pounded on by a sweating, 350 pound man they could get hurt. They are playing one of the most violent contact sports in the world and they whine when they get hurt. Cripes! Take some aspirin and go be an accountant. (Sorry, don’t mean to insult any accountants out there. I’m sure their turn will come.)

In the spirit of full disclosure, I’m a 90 pound weakling and I never played sports more than I had to. I always said the reason was I’m not competitive. Any one who knows me though knows that’s not the reason. I hate pain! It might have something to do with getting hit in the head with a swinging baseball bat during a game in grade school. Since then I make sure to stay aware and get out of the way of anything like a ball, bat,  or large, sweaty person coming at me at high speed.

I’m not against people getting settlements they deserve. Most claims in the non-athletic world come out of accidents and employer negligence. This is totally justified and only right. I’m just saying that these football players are aware going in that they are in a body damaging profession and should accept torn muscles, broken bones and concussions as part of the over-paid profession they chose. That’s like a person going out on a railroad track and facing down a 50 mph south bound  and then suing the railroad for damages. A person should never be rewarded for being stupid and these football players are being rewarded for just that.