Do You Know Someone Who Believes in Little Grey Men?

Darwin's evolution had a little help from ancient aliens
Darwin’s evolution theory had a little help from ancient aliens.

My DVR is full of shows that tell about how long ago races came from other planets and influenced the development of people here. I just love that shit. I don’t know if it’s the excess paranoia or just the nagging feeling that we don’t know exactly what’s really going on but something is driving the popularity of those shows. You can find lots of websites and books devoted to it to.

One of the more popular theories is the one that says extraterrestrials influenced the natural process of the evolution of man. To summarize and synthesize from several sources, it seems that around 20,000 years ago some aliens wanted a slave race to dig out the gold from our pleasant blue-green planet. They found these very compatible ape creatures running around. So they mixed their own DNA with the ape’s DNA,  a process called ufolution, and made a more intelligent ape that could follow orders. We’ve been following orders ever since. Even when the order is “Hey, go kill those other apes over there because they are a different color and they don’t worship our god.”

So anyway, I made this design called “Darwin Was Half Right” to show that maybe we were already on our way evolving from monkey to man but then along came some little grey men to speed up the process. Perhaps you have an ancient astronaut theorist in you life and if so, something with this design would be the perfect gift for them. Click on the picture to go to that item in my online store.