Winter’s Not So Bad

Recently some apes who shall remain un-named have been complaining about how difficult life is in the cold weather. Since I have been forced to become an indoor cat I really can’t get behind their point of view. I just have to make the best of a bad situation.

First of all when its cold outside, I never leave the space by the fireplace if I can help it. My apes set me up with this wonderful, warm room with a fireplace that never smokes or needs fresh logs. The heat is almost always on and if anyone’s looking for me this is where they can find me. Unless there’s a fresh box from my favorite online store to explore.

When will they learn I don’t care about the food and toys as long as I can play in the box?

But cats and apes can’t spend all of our time by the fire or we lose our edge. So I make up lots of games for my apes and me to play. I think I’ve mentioned before my favorite is ‘Chase-The-Red-Dot”. This is the one that the he-ape and I play where he gets to use a laser pointer to show me where to run. I try to remind him to play at least once a day but sometimes I have to put my claw into his shoulder to get his attention when he’s working at his desk. Lately the dog has been joining in but he hasn’t learned to retract his claws and sneak up on the dot like I do. The dog just runs full blast at it clicking all the way and tries to bite it.

Just say to yourself, “One more month til spring”.

Another game I play when all of the apes are asleep is one I call “Runner”. It starts where I stand on this long, thin carpet in the hall. Then all at once I start running as fast as I can and before I start moving I can push almost half the carpet up against the wall. Then I just keep running as fast as I can to the other end of the house. Sometimes the apes hear me and get up to watch. They have a different name for the game. They call it “Dammitcatstopit.”

I have to agree with the apes about one thing. The snow its getting to be a drag. I can’t wait till it gets warm enough to spend some relaxing time out on the catio. Its just so sad to see it covered with all that white stuff. Only a little more than a month til spring.