Shiny Squirrels

One of the results of a lot of life experience is that you develop a lot of interests. I chase hobbies and professions like a dog chases squirrels and shiny toys in the backyard. I’ve tried everything from fairly normal hobbies like model railroading and photography to the unusual like candle making, meteorology and stand-up comedy. From that last one mentioned, you can imagine why some lasted longer than others. But the real tragedy here is that none of them have really retained my interest.

Successful people always say, to be happy follow your passions. It’s easy to see when someone is happy its because they are making money doing what they love. I think the reason I’ve had so many hobbies is that I’ve never found anything that really ‘gets me going’. Usually I immerse myself in some hobby or other subject until I understand every aspect. Then I step back and say “Yeah, ok. I get that. Now what?” Then I wander on to another esoteric, totally arcane ‘shiny squirrel‘.

Example of box with Celtic knot designs.
Example of box with Celtic knot designs.

Snowball is sort of the same way. We have a book shelf downstairs I call the “Land of Forgotten Hobbies” with titles covering every artistic, floral and design endeavor you could think of with a few computer programing books thrown in for good measure. The difference with her is she goes back and uses the knowledge she picks up in every new hobby she comes across. I mean, who else could learn about Celtic knot design as a girl and then years later use it to pretty up a case for a micro-mini computer?

And the point is?

Ok so what possibly could be the point I’m trying make here? Well, I’m a little ashamed that I haven’t written any blog posts lately. It’s not because I feel lazy – I been doing lots of stuff especially this time of year what with greenhouse and other family things going on. It’s more of a case I’ve stepped back and looked that this blog thingy and said “Ok, I get that. Now what?”

Writing feels good, but so does a hot sauna and massage, happy ending or not in either case. But I don’t get a massage every day and I don’t feel like writing every day so I shouldn’t feel like I have to. When a good story comes along or something pisses me off, you’ll hear about it. Otherwise I hate to waste my time and bother you with useless tripe.

The result of all this is that there isn’t gonna be a regular schedule of updates. But it’s important that you don’t miss any of my postings. To prevent that, you should make sure to subscribe to this blog. You can use the form on the right column any time or as a special one time event, you can use the form at the bottom of this post. Just put your email address in the space provided. This is not a spammer trick. I promise the only email you will get as a result of this is when I put out a new post.

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