Excuses and Resolutions

There’s lots of things during this time of year that get in the way of writing. Too much activity during the holiday for one. That one stemmed from Snowball getting two weeks off from school. The plethora of freshly prepared food and constant creation of assorted maker things kept grabbing my already short attention span.

And of course we’ve had a couple of snow storms. In addition to taking away my desire to write, shoveling snow always brings out the grump in me. The eight inches of White Christmas on Christmas was cleared away for a reasonable sum by the kids of some friends of daughter-of-Snowball. But the predicted half inch that turned into four and a half inches several days later was all mine. Hey, I kept the sidewalks cleared but you may have to use the driveway at your own risk.

Then there was the excitement yesterday of having a failed sump pump and calling a plumber who for some reason refused to plumb in ten degree weather. This went on to further prove that even after almost thirty years together you can still learn something about your spouse. I never knew Snowball was familiar with how to run and connect PVC pipe to replace the frozen sump pump drain hose. That chore is one way I never want to spend New Year’s eve again.

Finally writing time has to take a back seat to the time spent developing a possible money-making idea. A brand new web site addition to the Wizard’s Touch family is being formally opened this week. Look for the announcement Sunday evening on the Wizard’s Touch Designs website or Facebook page.

I’m making the resolution right now to write more. So look for more from me in the future. But remember – New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep.