The Trump Troubles

Some of the latest polls are showing the two leaders in the over-loaded republican roll call for presidential candidates are Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. I don’t think there’s any way we can find two guys farther away from the each other on the personality spectrum. On one side we have Bush who can’t figure out a simple thing like whether he wants to be associated with his own family or not. On the other end is Trump who has an opinion on everything and says it whether people are gonna agree or not. I don’t have much to say about Bush – yet, but Trump is causing more ruckus than a smoke bomb in a boy’s school bathroom and I have to chime in with just a few words.

First off the guy is a marketing genius. With a few unkind remarks about hispanics, Trump alienates most if not all of his business associations. But you have to realize that if he truly is running for office he would have to sever most of those ties any way to prevent any conflict of interests of a political candidate with corporate interests. He makes every news cast for weeks with the story about everyone from NBC to Macy’s dumping him. So in his mind at least as the old saying goes, no harm done, there is not such thing as bad publicity as long as they spell the name right.

At the same time, with the same remarks he has come out as the strongest voice in the discussion of the influx of illegal aliens entering the U.S. border. That gets the attention of a shit load of radical ranchers in the southwest who are saying, “Finally someone who gets it.” What Trump doesn’t realize is that those radicals probably won’t outnumber the 16%  of the U.S.population that are hispanic and are now gonna be really motivated to register to vote.

I will not discuss the moral or legal implication of this country’s policies toward immigration at least at this time. I’m betting there will be more than enough fodder for that discussion in the upcoming campaigns. All I’m saying is that this will now be a major issue following the Trump campaign and I for one am stocking up on popcorn and pop so I can sit back and watch this part of the show.