Shameless Self-Promotion

In a previous post I mentioned that I had been working on a new project which had kept me too busy to post for awhile. I know you are all just on the edge of your seat to find out what it is. I will give you a hint: take a look at the new dropdown options on this site’s menu. 

Recently I found a new host for selling my smart-ass t-shirts that has cheaper prices and more options for the customer. Now you can not only can you buy the products I design and produce from Curmudgeon’s Gift Shop but you can design your own shirts and accessories right on the site. Starting with designs from me and many other designers you can then customize them with your own text.

The first new menu item is the ‘Gift Shop‘. Click this and you will open a new tab or window with the store in view. This has the full selection of items for sale. The drop down item under the gift shop menu of ‘Featured Products‘ is a store filled with my favorite items and best sellers (which for obvious reasons are pretty much the same thing.) The last option of ‘Design Your Own‘ takes you to an onscreen t-shirt designer page where you can play with hundreds of products and thousands of designs.

One last word, so far this stuff is pretty tame, but that doesn’t mean I’ll always be “safe for work.” That and I have no control over what other designers may have available out there. So when you have time take a look at the new store. Have fun and maybe even buy stuff. I’m still adding lots of new irreverent designs when I can. Please give me any comments or feed back about the store and t-shirt designer you have.