It’s Too Nice to Get Upset About Anything

I haven’t written anything on here for a while. It’s hard to find something to write about that’s pissing me off when the weather is getting nicer, baseball is back and the wife is working extra hours.

Here in the midwest, the birthplace of the phrase “If you don’t like the weather wait awhile” it was a record-breaking 88 degrees yesterday. Today it’s a St. Paddy’s day average of 54. I like my way of putting it, “It’s always room temperature here. You just have to find the right room.” The room could be a walk-in freezer – it could be a sweat lodge. At least the snow is all gone from here.

Many folks across the country are now dealing with flooding. Here, we still have a problem with drought so far this year. A lot of grass fires popping up. Now, I understand about the guy whose hot mower muffler started a fire. But what are those dummies thinking when they are doing outdoor burning. Now that’s just stupid. Ah ha! I found something to piss me off!

I don’t think the TV weather guys have ever tried to make something grow outside either. All they talk about is how nice it is. One guy was saying yeah, we’re a little low of moisture for the month. Has he looked at the amount lacking this year?? I’ve already started watering in an attempt just to save trees and shrubs. We are gonna need moisture some way or another. Hey Boston! Drain a little of that our way!

So Happy Green Beer Night. And drive carefully.