About This Site

The opinions expressed on this site are not necessarily my actual opinions. Sometimes I just say shit to piss people off.

Its not about me, or that’s what the link would have said. This site is really about all you sheeple out there and your tiny, little lives.

After sixty some years a person starts to notice patterns. He gets to see what’s permanent and what’s temporary. Whats important now and what will be important later.

If you want to read what I think go ahead. If you want to comment you can do that too but don’t expect stupid and mean stuff to get posted – that’s what I’m here for. If you don’t like what I’m saying, say so! Let’s talk about it so I can explain why you are wrong.

Let’s Face the Truth

When all is said and done I’m only saying this stuff to entertain and hopefully inform. You don’t care what I say beyond what might give you a chuckle. You certainly didn’t come here to think. So the only thing that really matters are the ads running this site. They are there for a reason. To entice you to spend money for my products and my affiliate’s products. So do us both a favor and check out the online stores. There’s lots of curmudgeonly stuff there too.

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