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My Presidential Platform

Now that the party candidates are for the most part decided and let’s face it – there are no winners here, I think its time to do the only thing a red-blooded American curmudgeon can do and throw my proverbial hat in the ring. Unlike the other candidates I am actually gonna have a presidential […]

Television Advertising Side-Effects

You’ve probably seen many medication advertisements during the commercial breaks in the evening network news. I see a lot of them on the newly-proliferating boomer TV channels. But how many of you actually pay any attention to them? Each one takes about five seconds telling you what it treats and the rest of the minute is […]

Once They Were Role Models

No one should be surprised that NFL football players have deflated balls. (Sorry, you know I had to go there.) But that is only where it starts. Alleged spouse abuse, alleged murder, deflated ball controversy-it all adds up to a culture of violence and win-at-all-cost. But this report from ABC News just put me over […]

A Self-Sustaining Evil

The other day I was telling some out-to-town relatives about some of the jobs I’ve had. One of these jobs was maintaining a promotional web site for a law firm. Promoting lawyers is one of the toughest sales jobs you could ever imagine. Quick, think of something positive to say about lawyers. In addition, it […]