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Take Five Offer

With Spreadshirt’s help, I’m running a special in my online shop. Starting today through March 16th. 2018, you can save $5 on any order of $30 or more. All you have to do is use the coupon code SAVE5 when you checkout. Hey, you’ll probably go over the $30 mark with only two t-shirts. And […]

Downstairs Neighbors

Last night, Snowball and her mom and I were having a nice, quiet Friday evening pizza dinner at the Homestead. We were enjoying our customary routine of guessing the puzzles on Wheel of Fortune and looking forward to watching baseball, Royals or Cubs, afterwards. Suddenly there was a knock that sounded just like someone at […]

Elevator Speech

Most folks are turned off by the experience of being shut up in an elevator. I find many times that people try to avoid this feeling of claustrophobia by ignoring it and overcompensating their actions to prove that everything is normal. This leads to the opportunity to hear the most interesting conversations. A couple of […]