From The Seas to The Trees, Pt 2

This second part of a serialization is true – mostly. Embellishments have been used to emphasize the facts. Descriptive elements have been used in lieu of names to protect everyone’s right to privacy.

Part 1, – Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

Part 2: The Roads North

In the previous installment we left our intrepid travelers at the luggage carousel in the San Francisco airport. Snowball and myself guiding Snowball’s family on a six day trip to see the California redwoods. Next stop – pick up the rental van Continue reading “From The Seas to The Trees, Pt 2”

A Trip to the Art Gallery

So a couple of months ago the wife tells me she’s entering a piece as a student in a college art show. I was excited because she hasn’t entered a show like that for a long time and everyone always loves her art projects. Last weekend we attended the show which was about forty miles away. I had seen the piece but I was looking forward to seeing the other people’s work that she had been telling me about. My inner art appreciator was very excited about the trip. I didn’t realize I needed to invite along my inner adventurer too. Continue reading “A Trip to the Art Gallery”