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It Would Be a Fair Trade

As I often say to Snowball, this “Getting Old” thing sucks but its better than the alternative. The aches and pains really make everything a challenge some days. But I’m working on a third choice. When I sleep I leave my neck exposed so that any passing vampires have more than an even chance.

Some Thoughts on Longevity

Watching this report on a woman reaching her 109th birthday got me thinking. Whenever someone gets up there in years they ask to what they attribute long life. In this case it was God and basketball. My favorite answer to this question, and sorry I can’t remember who first said it, maybe George Burns, was just […]

What’d He Say?

Years ago there was a movie directed by Orson Wells called “Citizen Kane“. It was about a reporter talking to everyone connected to a publishing tycoon in an attempt to discover the meaning of the tycoon’s last words. The movie started with the death of the wealthy man after he says the one word: ‘Rosebud’. No […]