Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Admittance By Invocation Only

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The fellowship of pilgrims had been traveling for months. Their supplies were dwindling as they finally came upon the vast plain signaling the end of their journey. The standing stones could be seen ahead through the morning mist.

As they neared the circle they met crowds of pilgrims like themselves in attendance to celebrate the spring equinox. The others waited quietly not wanting to be the next one to enter the circle. The reason for this hesitancy could be seen through a gap in the stones. Others who had tried had met their unfortunate end. Their corpses swung from ropes as a lasting reminder to those who followed, the folly of entering the circle without first uttering the proper invocation.

The leader of the fellowship saw this carnage and turned to his comrades. “Call for the spell-caster” he commanded…

Celebrate the spring equinox yourself with this new design from Idle Thoughts. Based on a 17th century woodcut of Stonehenge, this design looks great on a t-shirt, mug or used as a wall poster to warn others not to enter your own stone circle.

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