An Answer to a Difficult Question

Dodge the worst question there is with this shirt

Dodge the worst question with this shirt

There are some questions that have no right answers. If your lady has ever asked “Does this dress make my butt look big?” you know that you have to answer fast. If you answer “No.” she will accuse you of being patronizing. If you answer “Yes.” well that can only end in tears. If you answer “Oh baby I love your butt just the way it is.” well then, she better never catch you watching “The Biggest Loser”.

So guys here’s the answer you’ve been looking for. Next time she put’s you on the spot with “that question” you can just give her a shirt with this design from my shop and say, “Yes honey your ass IS fat. But your butt is perfect.”

Hopefully she’ll be so confused she’ll just smile and hug you. Oh, and there is a version for mugs and cups too.

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